Financial analyst job description and profile

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Published: 13th July 2010
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Willing to become a financial analyst and join some financial institutions? That is a good career move that you have made. Indeed financial analysts have promising career opportunities and there are many institutions where financial analysts are required for carrying out the jobs of the financial institutions swiftly.

What is the job description of a financial analyst? A financial analyst works for financial institutions like banks, security firms, lender firms, insurance companies, mutual fund schemes and others. The main aim of the analyst working in such institutions is to learn about the investment opportunities open for the clients of the institutions and also analyze the same for understanding the viability of investment venture.

And based on such understanding the financial analyst has the duty to advise clients and others to purchase or sell off stocks/shares of specific company to make profits. And the financial analyst can have options of specializations for different sub-sectors like investment banking, financial ratings, corporate mergers and others. Financial analysts are also called corporate analysts or security analysts or investment analysts because of the nature of work they do.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a financial analyst?
As already stated, the main duty of the financial analyst is to provide investment ideas to clients for investment in stocks and other such financial businesses. The following are few more duties and responsibilities of financial analysts:

> Provide complete guidance and analysis report to corporate organizations and individuals for helping them to invest in good ventures.

> Gather and analyze financial information

> Making financial proposals

> To access the economic performance of companies, industries and business ventures and enterprises and give details to clients who have money to invest.

> Help security firms and investment organizations to sell their financial services

> Also analyze prevailing trend of financial services, competition, business practices and review on the regulations, business policies and projects to the effect of the same that could have better investment opportunities.

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